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Sunon Asogli plans 1,060MW projects

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  • coal powerIn spite of challenges with fuel and low tariffs, Sunon Asogli is committed to following through its power projects in the country, Li Xiaohai, Chairman of the independent power company has said.

    Interacting with the media on Wednesday, he said the company is working on rolling-out the second phase of its thermal plant, involving some 360 megawatts of power to add to the existing 200 megawatts.

    Approximately 40 percent of key equipment for the project, including one unit comprising a gas turbine, steam turbine and its generators, is ready to be shipped to Ghana.

    The indicative tariff for the project was approved by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) in November 2013, while a Power Purchase Agreement with ECG was signed in December 2013.

    Li Xiaohai said the company is equally keen on rolling-out its 700-megawatt coal power project, which is estimated to cost US$1.5billion.

    The project includes two units of 350 megawatts (700 megawatts) as well as a subsidiary coal port with a 50,000-tonne berth as a terminal to receive coal from overseas and transmit it to the plant.

    When Energy Minister Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah visited China in February, the Shenzhen Energy Group, the parent company of Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Ltd., said it had finished feasibility for the coal project.

    “Primary conclusion of the study indicates that it is feasible and realistic to construct a 2×350 MW supercritical coal-fired power plant in Ghana, and the power plant is also more affordable for the Ghanaian market compared to gas- or oil-fired power plant.

    “Shenzhen would like to continue its contribution to providing sustainable power to Ghana and meeting the power demand of the country. The proposed coal-fired power project could be one of the best options for Ghana to increase its power supply in the near-future,” the company said.

    The Minister on his part noted that: “We are excited by the proposal to bring in coal for reasonably-priced electricity generation. Power-generation with coal will make it possible for us to use the coal as base load capacity and use the rest of the power plant for peak load.”

    The company also said it has concluded work on three separate wind-sites in Ghana, the results of which show that each site can support up to 50 megawatts capacity of wind-farm.

    “Shenzhen Energy Group is very interested in the wind-farm projects and would like to invest to develop the first wind-farm project in Ghana,” the company told the Minister.

    “The difficulty at this time is that the land for the wind-farm has not been settled yet, due to unclear policy and regulation from Ghana’s government. We wonder whether it is convenient to get the land from the owner.

    “We hope Ghana’s government can support us in acquiring or renting the land, so that we can initiate the construction of the wind farm as soon as possible.”

    Source: B & FT Online

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