Zeal Environmental Technologies Limited Ghana was founded by Mr. Kwaku Ennin. As Chief Executive Director of Zeal Limited Ghana founded in 1977, his vision was to setup a company to serve emerging and existing  Industrial Commerce by providing them with Corrosive Engineering and Structural Maintenance Services.

Ashanti Gold Fields arguably  one of  the  largest Gold mining companies  in the world at a point in  time, contracted  Zeal Ghana Limited to maintain their mining infrastructure  and other facilities around the country   1989 to 2002.

Zeal Ghana within the period spanning from 1984-2003 went from a relatively small company to become one of the giants in the field of Corrosive Engineering Services serving various Industries in Ghana.

Zeal is now Zeal Environmental Technologies, with a combined 35 plus years serving various Industries,  has  now extended coverage to the Oil, Gas and  Marine industries. Zeal Environmental today is one of the premier companies managing environmental waste and waste generated from  OIL & GAS Drilling both  onshore and offshore in  the West Africa.

Vision Statement

Nature has some of the most complex yet cleanest industrial systems if we analyze it as such. There is a byproduct to everything that we do as humans, from the air we breath to the food we take in which are converted into products for the body to use and then by products of this process are discarded in 3 states, Gas, Liquid and Solid. These byproducts without any human intervention are still used by nature either as manure for plants or food some animals, insects and fishes. Air, in the form of Carbon dioxide gas produced as a result of respiration, is used by plants to regenerate oxygen. It  is also used to balance some chemical processes in nature.

Modern industrialized process as efficient as maybe, produce waste that needs managing. Zeal Environmental’s  goal is to provide our clients with the best systems and methods for the processing of Industrial Waste available, to the extent of reusing the byproducts termed as waste. All of is worked into our assessment of our clients waste streams there by coming up with a cost effective way of managing unwanted byproducts from  their Industrial Operations.

Our Mission

Design, utilize Innovative processes and methods of managing Waste Streams of our clients whiles preserving our one most valuable resource, the environment.

With the knowledge that organizations like ours are only as good as the personnel who day in and day out manage, implement company values and maintain the trust our clients have in us.35 years of dedication by some of our most seasoned employees galvanizes our founder and CEO’s vision, from the inception of Zeal, to make it an organization in which every day is challenging, productive and yet fun for all personnel of his company.

We hope to  re-enforce our unique status as industry leaders with state-of-the art equipment, dedicated and well skilled people, positioned to render high quality services in the safe in the  most cost effective methods of the management of waste generated from maritime shipping, supply vessels, oil platforms and rigs in the West African sub region.

Industries that we serve and Services rendered include the following:

Oil and Gas Onshore and Offshore Drilling Activities

  • Management and Processing  of Drill Cuttings
  • Processing and Management of Oil Based Mud
  • Processing of Contaminated Hydrocarbons and Water
  • Gas condensate processing management
  • Incineration of Hazardous materials
  • Oil Spill Emergency Response
  • Supply Vessels and Oil Rig activities  Support
  • Confined Space, Vessel Tank Cleaning  and Inspection
  • Oily and other  Hydrocarbons mixed with water recycling
  • Oil and Gas Pipe line cleaning.

Ports and Harbors Reception Services

  • Sludge generated by the operation of Purifier and Oil water separator
  • Cargo tank Washing in Oil tankers
  • Dirty Ballast tank washing in oil tankers
  • Fuel, used  oil, antifreeze, Glycol, and other oil tank cleaning
  • Solid waste disposal form vessels
  • Exhaust gas cleaning
  • Incinerator ash  and hazardous waste removal
  • Sewage in holding tanks of vessels that call at Ports
  • Hydrocarbon, Barite, Storage Services
  • Steam and Boiler Cleaning
  • Marine Totes Steel drums, plastic drums or container recycling.


Mining and Manufacturing Industries

  •  Waste generated by various forms of mining from Gold, Bauxite to Manganese.
  •  Used Hydrocarbons, Oil and used Coolants management
  •  Holding Tank Inspection and Cleaning Services
  •  Hazmat Material Emergency Response and Management
  •  Sludge removal and pit cleanup
  •  Industrial  Liquid, Dry and Solids Vacuuming
  •  Industrial  Production Byproducts and Material Recycling
  •  Oily Waste Water Recycling

Special Services

  • Waste Water processing, Ground Water, Municipal Water Testing and systems cleaning
  • Cleanup of Ponds, Lakes and Rivers
  • Land Remediation
  • Hazmat Incineration Services
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Material Lab analysis be it solids liquids and gases
  • Real Time Air monitoring
  • Hydro and UHP blasting Services
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Waste Services