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    • POSTED ON: May 31, 2018
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    Without any engagement and commitment on our part, we wish to inform you that Eni Ghana Exploration and Production Ltd, a company incorporated in Ghana on 26thMay, 2009 (hereinafter referred to as the “COMPANY”), engaged in the development of Sakofa Gye Nyame Oil and Gas fields, Offshore Cape Three Points, is updating its vendor List with an Expression of Interest (EoI) for a Potential Tender for the “Provision of Environmental Specialised and Multidisplinary Services” related to Eni Ghana Exploration and Production Ltd oil and gas upstream activities to be implemented in the below locations:

    • Eni Ghana Headquarters, Acca
    • Eni Ghana Logistic Base, Takoradi (if required)
    • Onshore Receiving Facility, Sanzule


    1. The Scope of Work to be provided are as follows
      1. Professional support
      2. Environmental Context Evaluation
      3. Preliminary Environmental, Social and Health impact Assessment
      4. ESHIA Terms of Reference
      5. Environmental, Social and Health baseline
      6. Environmental, Social and Health impact Assessment
      7. Environmental Social and Health Management Programme
      8. Risk analysis
      9. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: impact assessment and action plan
      10. Implementation of action plan for biodiversity
      11. Economic assessment of ecosystem services
      12. Environmental Due Diligence (Phase 1 and 2)
      13. Site specific Environmental & Health Risk Analysis
      14. Ecological Risk Assessment
      15. Net Environmental Basis Benefit Analysis
      16. Life Cycle Assessment
      17. Environmental Monitoring plan and campaign (soil, air, water, sediments, flora and fauna, noise, odours)
      18. Technical Specifications, Standards
      19. Geological / hydrological / geomorphological studies
      20. Environmental restoration projects
      21. Industrial and civil waste management plan
      22. Water management plan
      23. Modeling (air/water/soil/noise and vibration/illumination/odours)
      24. Decision Support System
      25. Environmental Sensitivity Index Maps
      26. Studies for GHG Emissions Management
      27. Environmental audits
      28. Environmental trainings/Workshop/Awareness sessions
      29. Survey Execution / exploratory assays
      30. Installation of piezometers / wells
      31. Sampling:
      • on-site testing;
      • geotechnical test (SPT, CPT, CPTU);
      • geophysical test (down-hole, cross-hole, geoelectric prospecting, electrical tomography, VES, electromagnetic prospecting);
      • hydraulic tests (slug test, pumping test, Lefranc test, Lugeon test);
      • vertical groundwater profile;
      • casagrande piezometer;
      • tracer tests;
      • monitoring with data logger;
      • monitoring with multi-parameter probe;
      • natural-gamma surveys


      • Chemical Analysis
      1. Geotechnical analysis


      1. Minimum Requirement

      Vendor must meet the following minimum Technical Requirement to be considered for selection and further evaluation:

      • Current PC Permit for the relevant service
      • 100% coverage fo the Scope of Work
      • Vendor shall provide Mobilization period upon receipt of the request for service
      • List of previously performed services per, inclidng all materials and equipment available
      • Quality Management System and Organization HSE Policy
      • Vendor personnel shall have a Fitness-To-Work Certificate
      • Vendor personnel assigned to undertake offshore activities shallhave a valid OPITO BOSIET Certificate
      • Minimum no. of at least 3 years of experience for the following critical activities:
      • Preliminary Environmental, Social and Health impact Assessment
      • Comprehensive Environmental Social and Health impact Assessment (ESHIA)
      • Development of an Environmental Social and Health Management Programme
      • Development of other Environmental Management Plans but not limited to Waste Management Plan, Water management plan, Environmental Monitoring plan, Biodiversity impact assessment and action plan, etc
      • Studies for GHG Emissions Management
      • Modelling (air/water/drill cuttings dispersion, soil/noise and vibration/illumination/odors, etc.)
      • Site Specific Environmental & Health Risk Analysis
      • Environmental, Social and Health Baseline Studies


      1. Mandatory Documents to be submitted by Interested Vendors:


      Mandatory Information Minimum Document Required
      Organization –       Certificate of Incorporation

      –       Certificate to Commence Business

      –       PC Permit

      –       Organizational Profile

      –       Letterhead / a document with name of Entity and location

      Details of Representative/Reference Point –       Name and Identification document

      –       Phone number

      –       Email address

      –       Signed Power of Attorney/Authorization Letter

      Evidence to prove capability to provide services –       Declaration of capability to offer services

      –       Details of services currently provided

      –       Details of past Experience

      –       Details of Key Personnel/CVs

      –       Mobilization period upon receipt of request for Service

      HSE and Quality Management system –       Quality Management system and performance guarantee

      –       Vendor’s HSE policies


      * All requirements stated herein, including but not limited to Scope of Work, are preliminary/tentative for the sole purpose of the EoI state and hence, subject to modification in case of a tender process.


      1. Evaluation

      COMPANY will analyse the provided information/documentation and will determine whether or not it meets COMPANY’s requirements. This evaluation will be conducted at COMPANY’s sole discretion and COMPANY will be under no obligation to disclose the progress and the result of this evaluation.


      COMPANY shall contact the interested entities for any other information or document as may be specified in the Expression of Interest.


      COMPANY acknowledges that by participating in this Request for Expression of Interest, you agree and/or deem to accept (i) to bear all costs you might or will incur in connection with the preparation and participation in this process in general, whether or not successful in this process; and (ii) to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless COMPANY from and against any and all of any liabilities, damages, claims, demands, actions, losses, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) in respect of or arising or out of such preparation of this Request for Expression of Interest.


      Based on aforesaid, your confirmation of interest to participate in planned EoI (to be provided in the vendor entity letterhead an signed by authorized representative) with all the additional mandatory information and documentation listed in point 2 and 3 above are expected to be received by mail, not later than CoB 1stJune, 2018.


      Submission shall be via email to the following address:

      To:       Eni Ghana Procurement Mail:


      In case of any clarification, kindly call Eni Ghana Procurement on 0302 761790/ 0302 745210 / 050 129 4800


      Failure to respond to this Notice within the above indicated time limit will not be considered.

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