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    • POSTED ON: February 27, 2019
    • AUTHOR: Editor

    Without any engagement and commitment on our part, we wish to inform you that Eni Ghana Exploration and Production Ltd, a company incorporated in Ghana on 26thMay, 2009 (hereinafter referred to as the “COMPANY”), engaged in the development of Sankofa, Gye Nyame Oil and Gas fields, Offshore Cape Three Points is updating its Vendor List with an Expression of Interested (Eol) for a potential tender for the “Provision of Helicopters” related to Eni Ghana Exploration and Production Ltd oil and gas upstream activities to be implemented in the below locations;

    • Accra
    • Takoradi
    • Onshore Receiving Facility, Sanzule


    1. The scope of Work to be provided are as follows:

     a. Delivering Air Service to the Company offshore/onshore locations and public airports

    • The transportation of passengers and internal cargo, including dangerous goods on behalf of the Company; its customers, its agents, contractors and assignees within the Company’s concession areas, from/to main base in Takoradi or Accra to the installations (location to be determined);
    • Medical Evacuation (MedEvac), in order to facilitate emergency medical assistance, where immediate and rapid transportation is essential (e.g Medical personal or Company injured personnel) according to the Company Emergency Response Plan. For MEDEVAC purpose the aircraft must be able to reach the installation from Takoradi and then Accra for the hospital (fuel not available on board of the installation) with a launch time of less than 60 minutes to be demonstrated with a drill
    • SAR – secondary task capabilities as defined in the Company ERP.
    • By means of up to two (2) sole use helicopters of same type/model

     b) Helicopter(s) characteristics; performance; approvals and certification basis requirements

    Ø  Seating configuration and payload capacity of not less than 12 passenger seat +2 Flight Crew Seats

    Ø  Approval two (2) stretcher MEDEVAC configuration

    Ø  Performance Class 1-CAT A requirements

    Ø  IFR/ILS Operation CAT 1

    Ø  Certification basis

    o   FAR 29/EASA CS29

    o   Bird strike certification in accordance with FAR29.631/EASA CS29.631 is recommended

    o   Lighting and static electricity protection in accordance with FAR29.610/EASA CS 29.610 is recommended

    Ø  To be operated on helidecks typical size: D=20m / T=9.3t

    c) Bidders must demonstrate in their proposed plan of operating

    • The Main Base will be in Takoradi. However, it is required for the Contractor to demonstrate capability of deployment from Accra for ad-hoc flights
    • Capability to perform a MEDEVAC from Takoradi to the installation and then up to the hospital in Accra, without intermediate shop
    • The second helicopter shall be equipped for emergencies to be configured for a MEDEVAC within minimum response time (60 minutes or less)
    • Passenger and cargo flight operations shall be planned seven (7) days a week from Sunrise till Sunset
    • Flight may be requested on a 24/7 hours per week basis for a medical emergency or other technical urgent response events. To this end, with due consideration of personnel dutytime  limitations in accordance with Applicable Regulations and Contractor discipline, whichever is more  stringent, Contractor  shall staff operations with adequate resources to preserve 24/7 MEDEVAC response regardless of company schedule for regular
    • Additional services in support of flight operations, including but not limited to:

    o   Operating Base Management

    o   Ground Handling Services

    o   Custom Clearance Services

    o   Applicable Operating Permits

    o   Provision of Hangar

    o   Base Rescuing and firefighting (if/when applicable)

    o   Spare Parts importation process

    o   Fueling Services

    o   Security Service


    2. Minimum Requirements

    The vendors shall submit the following documents. Any degree of non-compliance with the details herein may lead to non-inclusion in the selection of the Vendor List for the Tender. The minimum requirement are as follows:

    • Registered company in the Republic of Ghana
    • Details of type of Company
    • Valid PC Permit if available (if not please indicate as such)
    • List of previously performed services (the full scope of work, client, amount of the performed activity etc.)
    • Quality Management System and Organisation HSE Policy
    • Vendor personnel shall have a Fitness-To-Work Certificate
    • Vendor must be qualified according to the type of service required by the scope of work in accordance with the relevant procedures of Eni.
    • Possession and maintenance of a valid Air Operator certificate issued by the Aviation Authority if available
    • A minimum of three (3) years’ work experience in the offshore environment
    • Evidence of the Continuing airworthiness and maintenance organisation approvals for the offered aircraft.
    • Vendor shall indicate a preliminary mobilization period receipt of the request for service/signature of contract
    1. Mandatory Documents to be submitted by Interested Vendors:


    1. Evaluation

    COMPANY will analyse the provided information/documentation and will determine whether or not it meets COMPANY’s requirement. This evaluation will be conducted at COMPANY’s sole discretion and Company will be under no obligation to disclose the progress and the results of this evaluation.


    Company shall contact the interested entities for any other information or documentation as may be specified in the Expression of Interest.


    COMPANY acknowledges that certain data or information provided under this quest shall be treated as confidential, if clearly expressed to be so by you, unless in public domain, and shall not be  disclosed or communicated to any third parties except to COMPANY and Affiliates of COMPANY.


    This is not a bid invitation and, therefore, it does not represent or constitute a promise, obligation or commitment of any kind for COMPANY to enter into any agreement with any Vendor participating in this Eol.


    Please note that by participating in this Request for Expression of Interest, you agree and /or deem to accept (i) to bear all costs you might or will incur in connection with the preparation and participation in this process in general, whether or not successful in this process; and (ii) to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless COMPANY from and against any and all liabilities, damages, claims, demands, actions, losses, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) in respect of or arising or out of such preparation of this Request for Express of Interest.


    Based on the results obtained from the Eol, necessary qualification shall be undertaken in line with the Company’s Qualification Standard.


    Based on aforesaid, your confirmation of interest to participate in planned tender(to be provided in the Bidding entity letterhead and signed by authorized representative) with all the additional mandatory information and documentation listed in point 2 and 3 above are expected to be received by mail, not later than CoB 28th February, 2019.


    Interested Vendors should please request for the additional documents to be completed through the follow address. All clarifications and submission of response shall also be via email to the following address:


    To: Eni Ghana Procurement Mail:


    Failure to respond to this notice within the above indicated time will not be considered.

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