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Job Opportunities at MODEC

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    • POSTED ON: October 16, 2017
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    MODEC is a dynamic multi-national company operating from more than 25 countries and employing  over 2,500 people. We provide floating  Production  System  operation and maintenance  services around  the world, with a reginal office in New Plymouth providing  operational services for the Maari Field.



    • Ensure with the  implementation of Strategic Management systems with specific focus on the analysis of the internal/external strengths and weaknesses, whilst defining strategic goals
    • Ensure with implementation of Performance Management systems , defining strategic goals and ensuring are cascaded each support Department and operational Unit.
    • Coordinate the execution of strategic and performance Management systems through the consolidation monitoring and communication of KPIs/ results. Ensuring that results are communication at meeting monitoring  meetings(Strategic, support Departments and Operational Units).
    • Ensure the implementation and monitoring  of  the Project Management system through  preparation of the Corporate Project Reports and the follow up of the Projects results ,regarding Cost, Quality, Scope Time, Communication, Risk, Human Resources, Stakeholders, Acquisition and Integration, following PMI’s  best practices.
    • Sustain and improve the  Routine  Process Management  solution, such as  Strategic Management,  Performance , project  Management  and Routine /Process Mangement dealing with and eliminating  internal bottlenecks.
    • Generate relevant deviation analysis reports to assist with defining countermeasures by gathering and analyzing databases, whilst consulting with internal clients.
    • Implement Management solutions by understanding the necessities of internal clients and proposing the best solution for each case.
    • Manages the weekly or other frequency: Meeting with relevant discipline Engineers.
    • Agree the priority of work


    • Engineering, Adminstration,Economics, Accounting and /or IT Bachelor’s Degree is mandatory.
    • Masters, MBA or Post Graduation in Business Management, Project Management, Adminstration , Finance and  or Process Management is expected.
    • Advanced English

    Complementary Qualifications:

    • Six Sigma Green belt is a plus/PMP(Project Management Professional) is a plus
    • CBPP (Certified Business Process Professional) is a plus
    • 4years of previous experience on business,Quality and /or Process Management is mandatory.
    • 3years of previous experience on project  Management is expected
    • Advanced Microsoft excel is mandatory
    • Advanced Microsoft power point is mandatory
    • Intermediate Microsoft Visio is mandatory
    • Intermediate Microsoft  Project  IS mandatory
    • VBA is expected
    • Altery is a plus
    • SQL is a plus




    • Budget planning , monitoring evaluation and reporting of responsible  vessel’s activities .
    • Ensure the accurate cost / revenue  with correct WBS codes in the company cost control
    • Ensure the adequately  accurate  level of cost / revenue forecast . input  review and adjust  assumptions and actuals in the budgeting tool (OPEST)and the MODEC CMMS system in Ghana (Maximo)to ensure accuracy of output  reports  in relation  to forecasting  and ongoing maintenance costs at a system level.
    • Reviews Purchase Orders  and Sub Contract agreements to ensure budgetalignment.
    • Coordinator between the responsible vessel’s operation management and SPC partners regarding NAMs ( Notice to Asset  Management ), Including  timely invoicing to SPC based  on a good  level of understanding on the contract  structure  and relevant
    • Assist Operation Manager to prepare any sort of regular/ad-hoc reports.
    • Coordinate any other activities/intiatives/ leadership upon request, related to the responsible vessel’s  business control for operation management.
    • Trains cost  controllers in relation to various cost control activities
    • (MGL Specific ) Poplate and maintaina sufficient  tracking  reporting and forecasting structure  to display cost efficiencies and synergies being  realized by the one  Team  approach in the Ghana  Prepare monthly cost data to ensure  accurate, costs and O&M saving realized per both  client and MODEC timelines.
    • (MGL Specific ) interact with supplier  to ensure  performance indicators  are being met,including periodic  reviews  and real-time  performance feedback to support CRB discussions  on renewals and  new tenders for services.
    • (MGL. Specific) supports the MGL KPI process in providing VOWD&O&MSE   information on monthly  basis in conjunction with Finance
    • (MGL Specific)Ensure nationalization plan  for the role is maintain  and training  is progressing as required. This is to fully nationalized by January 1, 2019.
    • (MGL Specfic)Utilize synergy opportunities between Jubilee and JEAM FPSO operatios to take advantage  of economies  of scale , bulk discounting and shared inventory management.
    • (MGL Specfic) Populate and update MGL  contracts register and  improve the utilization of master service agreements instead of Purchase Orders, include measuring the progress of improving the % of  Service Agreement vs. Purchase Orders and ensuring synergies proposed for both vessels are acceptable and achieved.


    Educational Qualification

    University degrees or equivalent in any area of social science such as management, finance, psychology, communication and technical area such as  engineering etc. is in principle a minimum requirement.


    Any  certificate relevant  to MODEC business from governments ,professional societies and organizations etc. is a strong asset

    Relevant  Experience

    • Minimum five years of working experience in the coordination role any business related area or appropriate technical experience.
    • Experience in the offshore industry such as FPSO operator, oil and gas sector, drilling companies etc. is a strong
    • Work experience as cost controller is a strong asset.
    • Basic level of accounting knowledge is a strong asset.
    • English speaking mandatory

    Basic  business software and computer /internet literacy are mandatory.



    • Improve the efficiency  of MGL’s cost control system incl. procedures infrastructure  and practices so that  it well  provides good tools  to the department staff in developing monthly cost forecasts in all areas of operation, EPCL and G&A cost.
    • Lead monthly cost forecasting exercises in close  cooperation with both  business and corporate unites.
    • Provide as much accurate managerial cost  reports  on Finance Department and Corporate Planning Department  and support  them to prepare  the monthly and any other  sort  of forecast/budget  presentation and reporting to MINC Tokyo.
    • Lead MGL’s annual budget exercise in cooperation with other department  departments MGL so that  the quality  of the budget is maintained good and reasonably  accurate for  both  MGL’s businesses and  G& A.
    • Support Project Development and any relevant department for MODEC’s bid  proposal development efforts in Ghana.
    • Support Project Development and any  other  relevant  department for MODEC’s bid proposal development efforts in Ghana.
    • Develop and implement effective department KPI’s  for Control Department.
    • Strengthen the Control team’s individual and organization capability to meet the KPI’s  and continue improving it.
    • Train and build capacity of local  staff  in the areas of leadership management and analytical skills which are  key  for the control  team  members to develop their career path  and become  high performers inside and outside  the control team in MGL.
    • Train and support cost controls  in other departments such as, but not limited to  operation  Maintenance Engineering, HSE, HR IT , Finance etc.
    • Prepare and lead the MODEC interface with SPC’s  regarding the SPC’s cost burden (work  Order, Exception item),liasing with MGL, commercial Department and relevant departments as well  as MINC  SPC Management
    • (MGL Specific) Support the MGL KPI process in providing VOWD&O&MSE information on a monthly basis in conjuction with finance Manager.
    • (MGL Specfic)Assigning on shore and offshore contract and budget owners, measuring accuracy compared to annual budget and explaining variances  in monthly reporting to support improve forecasting forecasting, work with senior managers and corporate to develop one two and fiver year business plans for the company
    • (MGL Specific)Utilize synergy opportunities  between Jubilee and JEAM FPSO Operation to take advantage of economies of scale   bulk discounting  and share inventory management
    • (MGL Specific ) Maintaining  MGL contracts  register and improve  the utilization of master service  agreements instead of Purchase Orders to obtain fixed rate pricing and ease ETC forecasting  on work scopes ensuring synergies proposes for vessels are acceptable and achieved.


    Educational Qualification:

    University  degrees or equivalent  in any area of social science such as management finance pychology, communication and technical area such as engineering etc. is in Principle a minimum    requirement.


    Any certification relevant to MODEC business from governments, professional societies and organizations  etc is a strong  asset.

    Relevant experience:


    • Minimum 8 years of career records with outstanding achievements in cost control finance and /or planning.
    • Minimum 5 years of team leaders’ (or coordinator) experience with the group of 3-15.
    • Minimum 5 years of work experience in FPSO operation and /or project.(Asset but not mandatory)
    • International assignments outside hi/her home country.
    • Department Manager ‘s experience in cost  control finance and or planning
    • Work experience and career path  development inside MODEC
    • Work experience in the oil & Gas industry



    • Support in the implementing of strategy  management  systems  with specific focus on the analysis of the internal/ external strengths and weakness. Whilst  defining  strategist
    • Support in the implementing of performance  management  systems defining strategic  goals and ensuring that the strategic  goals are cascaded each support Department and operation Unit.
    • Contribute with execution of the strategic  and performance  Management system through  the  consolidation  monitoring and communications KPI’s /result . ensuring  that results are communicated  at meeting  monitoring meetings  (strategic, support departments and operational units.
    • Contribute to implementing  and monitoring of project  Management  systems the preparations of corporate project reports follow up of  the projects results and training of the  project managers on  companies methodology for cost, Quality, Scope, Time, Communication ,Risk, Hr ,Stakeholders, Acquisition and Integration following PMI’s best practices;
    • Contribute to Routine process Management  systems through the mapping, optimization and periodic revision of the management system documents such as policies procedures, manuals and work instructions, as well as the definition  and monitoring of process results and act on deviations.
    • Implement timely  Quality Management solutions such as; strategic management, performance Management and Routine/Process Management dealing with and eliminating internal bottlenecks.
    • Generate relevant deviation analysis reports to assist with defining countermeasures by gathering  and analyzing  process database, whilst consulting with internal clients.
    • Implement Management solutions by understanding the necessities of internal clients and preposing the best solution for each case.


    • Engineering Administration, economics, accounting and /or IT Bachelor’s Degree is mandatory.
    • Masters, MBA or post-Graduation in Business Management, Project Management Administration, finance and or/ process Management is plus.
    • Advanced English

    Complementary Qualifications:

    • Six Sigma Green belt is plus
    • PMP (Project Management Professional) is a plus
    • CBPP (Certified Business Process Professional is a plus
    • Previous experience on Business,Quality and or Process Management is mandatory.
    • Previous experience on Project Management is expected
    • Advanced Microsoft excel is mandatory
    • Advanced Microsoft Power Point is mandatory
    • Intermediate Microsoft Visio is expected
    • Intermediate Microsoft Project is expected
    • VBA is expected
    • Altery is a plus
    • SQL is a plus



    The legal & Compliance Specialist provides support to the Legal and Compliance Department which oversees the corporate and Compliance program, independently and objectively reviewing , evaluating  and investigating compliance issues / concerns arising within MODEC Operating and in accordance with  anti-corruption with it contractual obligations.

    The candidate must be familiar with anti-corruption laws of the Republic of Ghana. The United States  Foreign Corrupt  Practices ACT (the ‘FCPA’) The United  Kingdom Bribery Act  (the ‘UKBA”) and the anti-corruption laws of any other jurisdiction relevant.

    The Legal & Compliance Specialist also provides management with information and legal advice on a diverse range of employment, health/safety/security/environment/quality(‘HSSQ”) contractual issues and timely compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of Ghana and its subdivisions.


    • Liaise with relevant departments to ensure that where compliance/legal  risks  have been identified  appropriate courses of action have been taken.
    • Provide legal and risk management advice to management with particular emphasis on compliance.
    • Assist in drafting and reviewing commercial agreement specifically in regard to provision concerning compliance, HSEQ and Ghana law matters.
    • Advice HR Department on policy issues related to the interpretation and application of Ghana Laws , regulation rules in particular , the Labour  Act of Ghana  (Law 651)(the “Labour Act”
    • Keep management up to date on significant changes and additions to local laws and provide information and training to MODEC and disseminate appropriate legal requirement to staff.
    • Review and draft contracts agreements and internal policies and ensure that they are in  compliance with all  statutory or legal or legal
    • Assist in managing MODEC’s Group Compliance Program
    • Develop , initiate , maintain , and revise local MODEC  policies and procedures  for  the general operation of the MODEC compliance program and its  related activities to prevent  illegal, unethical, or improper conduct
    • Develops , initiate periodically reviews and update such policies  and procedures to ensure continuing currency and relevance in providing guidance to management and employees.
    • Collaborates with other departments (eg. HSEQ, Human Resource, Accounting, Procurement, Engineering and offshore operations) to direct compliance issues to appropriate existing channels for investigation and resolution.
    • Responds to alleged violations of compliance law, rules and regulations violations of MODEC Group Anti-Corruption Compliance Policies(“ACC Policies”) and the  Code of  Conduct as well as to  cases  involving MODEC reported  through  the MODEC ethics Hotline  (‘’ the Hotline”) by  evaluating and as , necessary, recommending the initiation  of  investigative  Develops  and oversees a system  for uniform handling of such violations.
    • Identify potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk;develops/implements corrective action plans for  resolution of problematic issues and provides general guidance on how to avoid or deal with  similar situations in the future .
    • Ensure proper  reporting of violations or potential violations to duly authorized enforcement agencies  as appropriate and /or
    • Assist in maintaining an effective compliance communication program for the organization, including  promoting (a) use of the Hotline;(b)heighten awareness of the Code of Conduct and ACC Policies, and (c)understanding of global compliance trends as well as existing  compliance issues and related policies and procedures.


    • The position must hold a law  degree or equivalent
    • Be eligible for admission as a Barrister-at-law with a minimum of 4 years’ experienceat the bar.
    • Ability to discern and asses political, social and cultural factors which may potentially affect the company and provide counsel as required.

    All application should be sent to Ghana.

    Closing date of sending applications: 30th October, 2017

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