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Oil and Gas Industry Guidelines on Safety

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  • The safety and security of every workforce within an organization is important for productivity. In the oil and gas industry, there is a greater need for adequate safety measures. To ensure maximum safety and productivity in the oil and gas industry, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) has a set of guidelines that are important to be followed.  ghana-oil-workers

    The operational guidelines for oil and gas operations include:

    • Well control equipment must be maintained at all times
    • Rig floor must be attended to by qualified persons and well led
    • “Horseplay and careless acts” should not be permitted
    • Training and safety program should be encouraged
    • Unsafe conditions must be reported to supervisors and relayed between shifts
    • Pipe threads cleaned with brush to prevent finger wounds
    • Hazardous substances properly labeled and users trained
    • Blowout prevention where necessary; well control drills
    • No field welding on tongs, elevators, bails, or heat treated rig equipment
    • Vehicles not involved in operations should be packed at least 100 feet or derrick height away from wellbore, or other safety measures if not possible
    • Ground rig substructure, derrick, mast, and other equipment as appropriate to prevent accidents.

    In conclusion, the need for safety of the workforce in Ghana’s Jubilee oil field cannot be underestimated since they form an integral part of the production process. It is therefore imperative for the oil producing companies to invest in the health and safety of the workforce to ensure continuous production processes in the work place and to prevent accidents and loss of lives.

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