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Good news for our power sector

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     critical ingredient that propels countries to industrialise is the availability and a stable power supply.  This is something that has helped economies like the US, UK, Germany and others to develop and become prosperous.

    WHERE there is an unstable power, industries tend to suffer the most as they are compelled to look for alternative sources of power albeit very expensive.  Consumers are also not sparred, as it happened not too long in this country.

    GHANA witnessed its long dumsor (load shed management) period under the presidency of John Dramani Mahama.

    THAT was the period where power was rationed to the extent that almost on a daily basis a particular district would experience power outage.  However, this in any way is not to suggest that dumsor began under the era of ex-President Dramani Mahama.

    IN fact under the era of former President Rawlings Ghana experienced intermittent power outages.

    THUS Ghanaians saw it as a huge relief when during the latter stages of the erstwhile Mahama administration it managed somehow to bring dumsor under control.  At least that brought some comfort to both industry players and the general Ghanaian populace.

    TODAY must point out that the Akufo-Addo administration has so far done well to ensure that the country has regular supply of power, though occasionally some areas are hit with outages.  But, this is not as rampant as we experienced in the year 2015.

    IT is in the light of the above that Today is elated at the news that Ghana’s second Karpowership with a 450-megawatt capacity has arrived in the country.  And understandably this 450-megawatt capacity is to help augment the country’s current energy supply.

    THERE is no doubt that we will need a reliable supply of power if we want to become an industrialised country.  Of course, there has also been the issue of where in the course of providing reliable power Ghanaians are often asked to pay more.

    THOUGH it has not come up yet, Today would want government to ensure that Ghanaians are cushioned as far as power is concerned.

    FURTHERMORE, we expect that government will continue to ensure that there is reliable supply of power as we can’t afford to slip into the dark days of dumsor.  That certainly will have a huge toll on our economy.

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