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Get the oil, but protect marine life

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  • oilThe B&FTnotes with concern the increasing reports of dead marine mammals being washed ashore on the Country’s coastal stretch in the wake of offshore oil exploration and production activities.

    Justin the past week, four dead whales were found at various locations in coastal Ghana, bringing to 16 the total number of dead whales recorded since oil exploration activities began in the country’s waters.

    The oil industry knows the impact of its activities on the environment generally, and on marine life in the case of offshore exploration. Before they embark on projects, oil companies make assurances to institute measures to mitigate such negative occurrences.

    But the reality is that whether through sheer negligence or want of facility, oil exploration activities both on land and at sea have in many cases left untold destruction of flora and fauna in their wake. Water-bodies in Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta Region can today catch fire if a match Is lit and thrown into them. The water-bodies have been so polluted with oil that they have lost any life-bearing quality.

    Ghana has a nascent oil industry; and the signs are not good. the Environmental Protection Agency be on its feet. In fact, let the government of Ghana be on its feet and impress upon oil companies that while we need our share of the oil, however meagre, they must do more than they arc currently doing to protect marine life.

    Our lives as humans are deeply intertwined with the lives of other living beings, both animal and plant. We complement one another. Is it a wonder, for instance, that whales are said to contribute to the reduction of global warming?

    Source: B&FT

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